It Bit

It bit back one day.

One man breaking another at the knees,
concrete shins shattered,
patella split like pistachio shell.
The public canings had to stop
and so it bit back one day.

It bit with the ferocity of fourteen years chained to a wall,
first glimpse of its star,
first scramblings up a dirt road.

It bit with the might of a nation under siege,
rocket teeth on apartment nailbeds,
tearing the crossroads up at the white lines.

It bit like capscaicin under the lids,
bhut jolokia shavings stapled to the cornea
and plastered over with Glad cling seal.

If bit back like the man in Unit 731
strapped beside his vivisected brother,
leather over his wrists and ankles.

It bit like it knew
nothing more
than to bite.

It bit through leather straps
and gold chains.
It bit through jade amulets
and distance.

Through age and a forgotten life,
it bit through skin and bone,
it bit through vein,
it bit through a mother’s child.

It bit with eyes shut
and breath held.
It clenched for a moment
and then it bit harder.

It shook and tore,
it bit of spite,
of revenge,
of memory,
of instinct,
of indulgence,
of forgetfulness,
of nature.

It bit for the others,
it bit for itself,
it bit for you,
and then it bit for me.

It bit, then ran, then built up an army,
and then it hashed.

One man breaking another at the knuckle,
pane glass shattered,
nowhere to run.

Bitten by fourteen years
then chained to a wall,
lights turned out,
and forgotten amongst the nutria skins,

It bit because it had to.


6 comments on “It Bit

  1. trisha says:

    it was a little scary, very powerfully written poem.

  2. 2zpoint says:

    I like the thought put into this. I have seen abused dogs and this is what they are like…exactly.You captured perfect essence in your poem. Excellent job.

  3. Jingle says:


    fabulous flow…
    how is everything?

    welcome to rally week 33, simply link in a poem and comment….
    Thanks for the contribution.
    Happy November!
    Happy Weekend.

  4. siubhan says:

    wow. those first five or six verses pierce like bullets with the precision and the horror of their language. quite a striking piece.

  5. megzone says:

    powerful poem there

  6. Jingle says:

    apt words…….how are you?

    keep writing, your words inspire.

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