The Murderer Under The Rubble

Then and Now

Dead beside him,
the murderer under the rubble
lay quiet and still,
buried under concrete and mud.

Dead beside him,
the legacy of a child soldier
would be carved into the corpse
of a man who couldn’t be tried.

Beside him,
the dead man who threw the grenade
would have his crime transferred
post-humus to a fifteen year old boy.

He would be dragged from the rubble,
legs tattered, blinded by shrapnel,
a bag over his head, ears covered,
dragged to a paradise-prison.

And for eight years
he would be forgotten and dismissed –
the murderer under the rubble
was the blind boy, not the dead man.

The murderer under the rubble
lay cast aside by his government,
labeled ‘terrorist’ by a nation
hungry for blood and its own brand of justice.

He would be blindfolded
have LEDs shone into his remaining eye,
threatened with dogs, suffocated in water,
and hung by his wrists.

For he, the murderous child under the rubble
would be painted with the brush
of the simple-minded,
Hell-bent on avenging the unprovable claim.

Disowned by his country of birth,
forgotten by his breathren,
lost in the media to Britney Spears,
he cried to go home.

Now eight years later
the farcical trial ends on a note:
guilty.  He pled guilty.
You would too.

A loaded courtroom in a foreign country
hungry for vengeance and its false justice,
documents have been tampered,
hearsay trumped reality.

Omar Khadr will spend eight more years in prison,
lost in a non-functioning legal system
of military personnel, leaning on his shoulders,
shouting in his ears.

Omar Khadr may survive
but the murderer under the rubble,
the one whose name we never knew,
will have his ticket to Hell revoked.

The blame game of American politics
has chosen a new passenger for that trip,
and to their own end,
have managed to get the boy to board the plane.

Congratulations you hateful demons,
the first child soldier in half a century
has been tried and convicted.
You should be ashamed, Republica.


5 comments on “The Murderer Under The Rubble

  1. Jingle says:

    dynamic and powerful…

    I am glad I fear those no more.
    thanks for sharing.

  2. Jingle says:

    please vote for fellow posts,
    you are nominated, you win one vote, if you vote for other poets, you win another vote.

    upon join the voting, you win at least a runner up award .
    Thanks for the attention.

  3. 2zpoint says:

    Do we ever know the real story unless we are there to experience it? Politics always want to tug on heart strings but facts need to be brought forth foremost. Such a tale… you must have seen a lot through your eyes. That is when a man can be truly a great writer by simply showing the world what he sees through his descriptive words. Taking people on rides through your world gives them something that they don’t have where they are at. That is the true gift that you give by writing these things. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hikkii-chan says:

      I wholeheartedly agree with what you said in your comment, 2zpoint, and I am very thankful to have you continue visiting my site. I hope that my micro-stories will keep touching a nerve with you and everyone else who passes by. This is a wonderful community and I’ve found so much positivity through it all. ^_^

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