Wild, screaming off balconies with tattered hair
and eyes rash-red,
naked and flailing in the wind
toes gripping concrete like bark,
Black wind, black night, black encumberment
arguing with yourself
throwing fists at the shadows you can’t see,
threatening to jump,
Probing the sky with every leap as the ashy tubes flutter away their flint

Boiled water in a bulb, a chemically induced euphoria of kaleidoscopic wings,
you fly like embers
and float away in a restless sleep,
a seven second joy ride in the passenger seat
with the likes of Albert,
smiling through squinted lashes,
his tongue wagging in the frictionless frame in which he resides.
Albert steers left and slams on the breaks,
but it’s a commonly accepted fact
that zombies can only drive lawnmowers
and eighteen-wheelers.
And my Audi R8 is neither.

Forgotten in a troglodytic history,
a cousin’s life with the coat hanger
is easily misconstrued for normalcy
while the carbons and parchment of middle school
offer no refuge from the Oni.
“The devil works in mysterious ways”,
they say
but they may be devils themselves
so I wouldn’t pay much regard.
So just take one more hit.


When your eyes go demon
take that plunge.

Walk to the subway and pray that the devil’s foot misses you.
Remember Bambi.
Remember who sat and ate flowers and who ran naked through the streets.
Flowers will get you killed if you keep your head down.
Remember blades of grass falling toward you.
Remember the earthen smell as it compacts in your nostrils.
Remember the taste of the forest.
Remember the sting of hot concrete.
Remember the howl of a dozen onlookers.
Remember the Oni.
Remember Albert warned you.

You are energy, child.  You are unbounded, unorientable energy.
You are angel’s dust.
You are angel dust.
You are a chemical imabalance.
You are unbalanced by chemicals.
You are bounded, bounded,
bounded by logic,
you are bounded by logic
beneath the logical boundaries
of stability.
Chemical tulip sprouts in your nerves
sprouts in your nerves
sprouting nervously,
shy of sheers.

You are brilliant, baby.
You never needed darkness.
You never needed chemicals,
You never needed wings.
You never needed what you never needed
But need never needs logic.
You discarded fool.

This full city has left me alone.
And Albert ate your ashes.
Albert wears your shoes.
Albert fucks your husband.
Albert holds you against electrons.
Albert wrote your book.
Albert got the praise.
Albert lived your life.
Albert is the soul you never had.

This soul of yours is a malignent mole on the shoulder of the Earth.
Cauterized souls.
You have been discarded by huffing the ashes of boiled tulips.
You have the ashen feet of a fallen soldier
Who only wanted to come home to his wife
His wife is Albert.
An asexual demon.
Albert fucked her husband.

He stole your place.
You have died.

Twelve years and your soul is wind.
Wind in my hair.
And I shun tulips now because of you.

Rot in hell.  You are the element of a Dhramin, Oni.


7 comments on “

  1. 2zpoint says:

    That is one intense ride my friend! hell of a piece!

    • Hikkii-chan says:

      Thanks for reading it, 2zpoint! I’ve read it to a crowd before and it evoked a similar response.. something that surprised me. I was afraid nobody would understand it! \o/

  2. Papo says:

    s.o.b thats intense: arguing with yourself
    throwing fists at the shadows you can’t see,

    -shit yeah

  3. Jingle says:


    link in your poem related to love or romance today, any poem would work, this is another poetry community, I value your support… free commenting style.
    Thanks a ton.

    Hope to see you in,
    22 hours before it is closed,
    take your time to do the visits,

    • Hikkii-chan says:

      Aww, couldn’t make it in time, Jingle. Maybe next week? Thanks for the heads up – I really appreciate it. You’re a powerhouse when it comes to all things poetry and poetry-related on wordpress. Thank you for your efforts.

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